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Laser Services

Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatment


The most advanced technology available for deep tissue penetration on all body parts. ACCENT smoothes wrinkles, tightens loose skin, and re-contours below the surface.

Color, Texture and Tightening — 3-in-1 Treatment

HARMONY® Laser360


AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology)

This non-invasive combination of technologies treats the most common and visible signs of early aging: skin color, texture, and lack of tightness.

Acne Treatment

CoolTouch® CT3

Treat your acne without chemicals! The CoolTouch® uses laser technology to shrink sebaceous glands which produce the acne-causing sebum.

Skin Firming

CoolTouch® CT3

This technology can improve the firmness of your skin and reduce lines and pore size using your own body's natural collagen.

Tattoo Removal


PicoSure tattoo removal is able to treat darker, multi-colored and complex tattoos more efficiently, and with more significant removal in much less time compared to regular tattoo removal.

Laser Hair Removal

We use the most advanced and effective technologies available. All equipment is tested safe for both men and women, even on sensitive skin.

Candela® GentleLASE Plus

The GentleLASE allows quick treatment with little discomfort thanks to its patented Dynamic Cooling device.


The Soprano® disables hair follicles through gentle heating, allowing for a virtually pain-free hair removal experience.

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