Nutritional Counseling

We are a family owned cosmetic and reconstructive surgery facility that offers skin care, wellness, and hair restoration to provide the most advanced approach to anti-aging. We strive to serve Austin and its surrounding areas with the highest level of care, experience, and integrity within our intimate, state-of-the-art facility.

At Hall Wellness, nutritional counseling is centered in creating manageable solutions to fit our clients’ individual needs and goals. Hall Wellness doesn’t follow a one size fits all approach—it is important to us that clients know they are being given a program uniquely designed to give them the tools they need for long term lifestyle changes. In Austin there are so many options when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. At Hall Wellness we help clients find a course of action that will last.

Clients may select from a number of different consultation approaches depending on their expectations and goals. We work with individuals in a number of arenas including detoxification protocols, individual and family nutrition plans, weight management programs, hormone and micronutrient deficiency balancing, and sports nutrition. From your initial appointment, Hall Wellness seeks to understand your goals and customize a program for success.

Nutritional Consultations

Individual Consultations are the most efficient means of determining deficiency and finding solutions. One-on-one consultations provide clients with individual attention and customized plans for success.

Group consultations for 3 or more clients, offer the support of a group or family learning and implementing their plans for success together. It can be very motivating to cleanse, cook, and follow a weight loss regimen with a group! We recommend that each individual follow up with individual consultations following a group plan.




  • Nutritional Consultation: $90
  • Detox Coaching: $90 (does not include cost of supplements)
  • Weight Management Consultation: $90
  • Sports Nutrition Consultation: $90
  • Consultation with Zyto Testing Add-On: $105

Groups (3 or more)

  • Nutritional Consultation: $45 per person
  • Detox Coaching: $45 per person (does not inclued cost of supplements)
  • Weight Management Consultation: $45 per person
  • Sports Nutrition Consultation: $45 per person
  • Consultation with Zyto Testing Add-On: $95 per person
MC Debby
"The professional office staff and medical team was attentive and caring. The procedure was explained well and the results were objectively described."
Heather K.
“Part of taking care of our selves is greatly introduced and should be maintained with our skin. My skin always looks and is enhanced with all my facials and repairs which only a professional is able to touch. At HALL Rejuvenation my Esthetician, Betty, keeps my skin glowing and healthy!”
Jen Rose
“I love my new implants. Professional, friendly, and experienced. I will definitely go back for my next procedure.”
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